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organic farming

Producer of AOP ORGANIC lavender in Provence



On our family farm located in the heart of the Sault plateau at an altitude of 800 m, we exclusively produce AOP lavender “angustifolia”, also called fine or true lavender.

Today converting to fully organic agriculture, our crops will have the ORGANIC (in French, BIO) label from 2019 on.

Already, we implement traditional agricultural methods which respect the AOP (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) specifications, the only label guaranteeing the lavender genuinely comes from Provence.


We carry out all the operations to prepare the lavender for you, the customer. Cutting, pre-wilting, drying, leaf stripping, manual shaping of the bouquets and wreaths, and flower trimming are all skillfully performed in our workshop.

The essential oil is distilled by a local producers' cooperative distillery.

The lavender straw remaining after the distillation process is composted then spread over the fields.

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